Table of Contents

Some Background Info
Reasonable Expectations

Some Background Info

This class was created and is offered through the Continuing Education department of Austin Community College. It has been offered for several years, and has known a continuous growth process. The class is designed to address the requirements of the Red Hat corporation's stated objectives for certification preparation. Every effort is taken to maintain the curriculum of the class on par with the stated Red Hat certification requirements.

[Important] Study Notes for Classroom Lectures

It will be important to note that the material presented in this online resource is intended to be a stimulating set of notes that will join class lectures with the curriculum outlined in the text book. Study of this online material alone will not be sufficient (for most people) to pass the RHCE exam.


The typical student in this class will not be a beginning Linux user. Basic Linux familiarity and interaction will not be taught in this class. Potential students should be familiar with basic level Linux skills. Review of some of this information will be offered in class, however, the class will quickly progress to intermediate and advanced skills as necessary for preparation for the RHCSA and RHCE exams.

If you are interested in RHCSA or RHCE certification you can get RHCE Information from the Red Hat website. You can also take an RHCE Skill Assessment on their website. This will help you ascertain whether you might be ready for the exam or this class. It will also help you identify the areas that you need to strengthen in order to prepare for the exam.

Please consider that this class is a fast paced advanced level course. We will cover a broad range of topics in a very short amount of time. The only way we can touch upon the topics that the RHCSA/RHCE exam require is to move along and remain on course. The course is outlined in the table of contents. The requirements for this class are listed below:

  1. Familiarity with Linux command line interaction and scripting.
  2. One year administration of Linux systems.
  3. Completion of both sections of the LPIC-1 series. See Linux Courses at Austin Community College for more information.
  4. Instructor approval for substitute for any of the above.


I would like to thank the previous instructor, Scott Purcell, for his generous donation of class curriculum as well as his time and effort in preparation for this class. Indeed, the base information in these pages was taken from his notes and class materials. Scott can be found in several places, including Scott's Face Book Page and Scott's LinkedIn Page .

I would also like to thank the Continuing Education Department of Austin Community College for hosting this class. For more information or to enroll, please call them directly or contact Maria Coleman - the class coordinator. You can view the current ACC Linux Cerfication class schedule for more information.

Reasonable Expectations

This question always comes up: "Should I be able to pass the RHCE on this class alone?". This class will not specifically prepare the student for the RHCSA and RHCE exams, nor will it guarantee that the student will pass either of those exams. However, if the student is intent upon passing the exam, this class will offer a solid background of knowledge, material, and exercises to make passing the exam possible.

Red Hat does not release metrics on the pass/fail rate of their exams. However, it is noted that a stunning number (estimated at 50% or more) of seasoned professionals taking the prep courses offered by Red Hat fail to pass on first attempt. Therefore, planning for more than one attempt is prudent. Pass rates go up substantially on 2nd attempts. Maximizing your out-of-class preparation time is a good strategy.

In my experience, there are three categories of people who are looking at RHCE certification:

  1. Those who wish they had the RHCE Certification.
  2. Those who want the RHCE Certification.
  3. Those who are willing to do whatever it takes to prepare for the RHCE Certification exam.